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  • Sun, Zhihong; Harris, Hugh M B; McCann, Angela; Guo, Chenyi; Argimon, Silvia; Zhang, Wenyi; Yang, Xianwei; Jeffrey, Ian B; Cooney, Jakki C; Kagawa, Todd F; Liu, Wenjun; Song, Yuqin; Salvetti, Elisa; Wrobel, Agneszka; Rasinkangas, Pia; Parkhill, Julian; Rea, Mary C; O'Sullivan, Orla; Ritari, Jarmo; Douillard, Francois P; Ross, R Paul; Yang, Ruifu; Briner, Alexandra E; Felis, Giovanna E; de Vos, Willem M; Barrangou, Rodolphe; Klaenhammer, Todd R; Caufield, Page W; Cui, Yujun; Zhang, Heping; O'Toole, Paul W (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
    Lactobacilli are a diverse group of species that occupy diverse nutrient-rich niches associated with humans, animals, plants and food. They are used widely in biotechnology and food preservation, and are being explored as ...
  • Song, Hui; Huang, Gang; Xiong, Yingfei; Sun, Yanchun (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
    Many programs access external data sources through generic APIs. The class hierarchy of such a generic API does not reflect the schema of any particular data source, and thus it is hard to clarify what data an API client ...
  • Wu, Yihan; Huang, Gang; Song, Hui; Zhang, Ying (Springer, 2012)
    Fault tolerance is very important for complex component-based software systems, but its configuration is complicated and challenging. In this paper, we propose a model driven approach to semi-automatic configuration ...
  • Xiao, Xinxin; Pengchao, Si; Edmond, Magner (Elsevier, 2015)
    Nanoporous gold (NPG) obtained via dealloying of Au alloys has potential applications in a range of fields, and in particular in bioelectrochemistry. NPG possesses a three dimensional bicontinuous network of interconnected ...
  • Bai, Liang; Lao, Songyang; Smeaton, Alan F; O'Connor, Noel E; Sadlier, David; Sinclair, David (Oxford University Press, 2009)
    The most common approach to automatic summarisation and highlight detection in sports video is to train an automatic classi er to detect semantic highlights based on occurrences of low-level features such as action ...

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