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  • Davis, Niall Francis (University of Limerick, 2011)
    Surgical repair for end stage bladder disease often utilises vascularised, autogenous, mucus-secreting gastrointestinal tissue to either replace the diseased organ or to augment inadequate bladder tissue. Postoperatively, ...
  • Filip, David; Morado Vázquez, Lucía (OASIS XLIFF TC / P&L SC, 2013)
    This report gathers all the Statements of Use (SOU) that were collected during the approval process of the major new version XLIFF 2.0. The SOU were collected between 2nd and 14th April 2014 to satisfy the OASIS TC process ...
  • Comerford, Tom; Filip, David; Rodolfo M.Raya; Savourel, Yves (OASIS, 2014)
    This document defines version 2.0 of the XML Localisation Interchange File Format (XLIFF). The purpose of this vocabulary is to store localizable data and carry it from one step of the localization process to the other, ...
  • Arshak, Arousian; Zleetni, S.M.; Arshak, Khalil (MDPI, 2002)
    Manganese phthaloyanine polymer thick films were fabricated using screenprinting techniques. The optical parameters were obtained from the analysis of the absorption spectra over a wavelength range of 385-900nm. The d.c. ...
  • Pfaender, Stefanie; Sauer, Ann Katrin; Hagmeyer, Simone; Mangus, Katharina; Linta, Leonhard; Liebau, Stefan; Bockmann, Juergen; Huguet, Guillaume; Bourge, Thomas; Boeckers, Tobias M.; Grabrucker, Andreas M (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Phelan McDermid Syndrome (PMDS) is a genetic disorder characterized by features of Autism spectrum disorders. Similar to reports of Zn deficiency in autistic children, we have previously reported high incidence of Zn ...
  • Arshak, Khalil; Korostynska, Olga; Harris, John A. (IEEE Computer Society, 2002)
    Thick films of Nickel oxide (NiO) were investigated for γ-radiation dosimetry purposes. Samples were fabricated using the thick film screen printing technique. Absorption spectra for NiO films were recorded and the values ...

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