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dc.description peer-reviewed en_US
dc.description.abstract This latest volume of the History Studies journal offers many fresh insights that help us to understand the past better. The essays cover a refreshingly broad spectrum. As well as twentieth-century Irish history, there is an emphasis on US responses to its domestic and international problems, and on European experiences of the Ottoman Empire. Attention is also given to approaches to scriptural translation in the Reformation period, and to the mixed loyalties of soldiers in the Bourbon armies of the early eighteenth century. William O’Neill, and Daniel Haverty have presented novel interpretations of well-studied subjects. O’Neill shows how received understanding of the Carter administration’s supposed lack of direction in foreign policy is belied by its success in luring the USSR into a debilitating military commitment in Afghanistan. Haverty has provided a reassessment of the rise of the IRSP/INLA following Bloody Sunday, one in which the nationalist desire for independence is overshadowed by the appeal of this organisation for the deprived working classes in Derry. en_US
dc.description.tableofcontents Foreword -- Editorial -- Acknowledgements -- The ‘old Irish’ and American immigration legislation and reform, Angela Balfe -- The Deasy business:an assessment of the IRA during the last phase of the Irish Civil War, Judy Bolger -- Chapter and verse:biblical indexing and control in early modern England, Jennifer Egloff -- From the plough to the stars:an analysis of the origins of the IRSP/INLA in Derry City, 1965-74, Dan Haverty -- The beginning of ‘Low Intensity Warfare’:the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, William O’Neill -- Sixteenth century travel literature in the Mediterranean world and its context, Mateusz Orszulak -- Not so glorious: Irish desertion to the British during the War of the Spanish Succession, William Runacre -- The dragomans of the Habsburg embassy in Constantinople in the second half of the sixteenth century: the story of Matthias del Faro, Aneliya Stoyanova
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dc.publisher University of Limerick History Society en_US
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dc.rights Copyright © by the contributors listed herein and History Studies 2017, including all bibliographical references
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dc.subject Afghanistan en_US
dc.title History Studies: University of Limerick History Society Vol (18) en_US
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