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Gas detection using portable deep-UV absorption spectrophotometry: a review

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Show simple item record Khan, Sulaiman Newport, David Le Calvé, Stéphane 2020-03-23T15:32:13Z 2020-03-23T15:32:13Z 2019
dc.description peer-reviewed en_US
dc.description.abstract Several gas molecules of environmental and domestic significance exhibit a strong deep-UV absorption. Therefore, a sensitive and a selective gas detector based on this unique molecular property (i.e., absorption at a specific wavelength) can be developed using deep-UV absorption spectrophotometry. UV absorption spectrometry provides a highly sensitive, reliable, self-referenced, and selective approach for gas sensing. This review article addresses the recent progress in the application of deep-UV absorption for gas sensing owing to its inherent features and tremendous potentials. Applications, advancements, and challenges related to UV emission sources, gas cells, and UV photodetectors are assessed and compared. We present the relevant theoretical aspects and challenges associated with the development of portable sensitive spectrophotometer. Finally, the applications of UV absorption spectrometry for ozone, NO2, SO2, and aromatic organic compounds during the last decades are discussed and compared. A portable UV absorption spectrophotometer can be developed by using LEDs, hollow core waveguides (HCW), and UV photodetectors (i.e., photodiodes). LED provides a portable UV emission source with low power input, low-intensity drifts, low cost, and ease of alignment. It is a quasi-chromatic UV source and covers the absorption band of molecules without optical filters for absorbance measurement of a target analyte. HCWs can be applied as a miniature gas cell for guiding UV radiation for measurement of low gas concentrations. Photodiodes, on the other hand, offer a portable UV photodetector with excellent spectral selectivity with visible rejection, minimal dark current, linearity, and resistance against UV-aging en_US
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dc.subject deep ultraviolet en_US
dc.subject absorption spectrophotometry en_US
dc.subject spectroscopy en_US
dc.subject ultraviolet light sources en_US
dc.subject LEDs en_US
dc.subject hollow core waveguides en_US
dc.subject photodiodes en_US
dc.title Gas detection using portable deep-UV absorption spectrophotometry: a review en_US
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dc.identifier.doi 10.3390/s19235210
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