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Socheolas, Volume 5, Issue 1

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Socheolas, Volume 5, Issue 1

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  • Putting the banks in the frame: Print media constructions of the Irish Banking crisis. - Ciara McMahon
  • Occupational therapy through a critical lens: Reconciling occupational therapy theory and practice with the disability movement - Aoife Dempsey
  • Framing Victims of Crime: A print media analysis investigating the portrayal of victims of crime - Emma Finlay
  • Equality at Work, Is Legislation Alone Enough? - Ger McCoy
  • ‘With a flag you lead men, for a flag, men live and die’. An Exploration of Media Representations of the Union Flag Protests in Belfast. - Kylie Gill
  • Disgrace Rape Culture Rhetoric in the New South Africa. - Nicola Moffat
  • Cumann na mBan and the acceptance of women in the Provisional IRA: An Oral History study of Irish republican women in the early 1970s - Dieter Reinisch

Seminar Reviews:

  • Imogen Tyler: Revolting Subjects: Eviction and Occupation in Neoliberal Britain. - Sindy Joyce
  • Cliona Barnes: Exploring Community Safety in Limerick Regeneration Communities. - Julianne Fogarty

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