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Socheolas, Volume 3, Issue 2

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Socheolas, Volume 3, Issue 2

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  • Introduction
  • “Mom, I’m doing boy’s stuff with Dad. You just go hang clothes.” A Complementary Hegelian and Psychoanalytic Analysis of the Acquisition of Gender in Childhood and its Societal Repercussions. - Sarah Ahearn
  • Irish housing policy, Citizenship and Limerick Regeneration. - Eileen O’ Dea
  • Marxist and Interaction theories: an exploration and application to the topic of work and employment. - Iain Russell
  • Neoliberal policy and its influence on welfare ideology: A source of social injustice? - Ger McCoy & Roisín Peddle
  • The Ten Commandments as Our Code: Media Censorship in 20th Century Ireland - Simon Lowe
  • Youth Homelessness: A review of the Literature. - Margaret Kennedy

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