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  • Clarke, Paul; Mesquida Calafat, Antoni Lluís; Ekert, Damjan; Ekstrom, J.J.; Gornostaja, Tatjana; Jovanovic, Milos; Johansen, Jørn; Mas, Antonia; Messnarz, Richard; Nájera Villar, Blanca; O'Connor, Alexander; O'Connor, Rory V.; Reiner, Michael; Sauberer, Gabriele; Schmitz, Klaus-Dirk; Yilmaz, Murat (Springer, 2016)
    The practice of software development has evolved considerably in recent decades, with new programming technologies, the affordability of hardware, pervasive internet access and mobile computing all contributing to the ...
  • Clarke, Paul; Mesquida, Calafat, A.; Ekert, D.; Ekstrom, J.J.; Gornostaja, T.; Johansen, Jørn; Mas, A.; Messnarz, R.; Najera Villar, B.; O'Connor, A.; O'Connor, Rory V.; Reiner, Murat; Sauberer, G.; Schmitz, Klaus-Dirk; Yilmaz, M.; Jovanovic, M. (Springer, 2016)
    In work that is ongoing, the authors are examining the extent of software development process terminology drift. Initial findings suggest there is a degree of term confusion, with the mapping of concepts to terms ...

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