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  • Omoronyia, Inah; Salehie, Mazeiar; Ali, Raian; Kaiya, Haruhiko; Nuseibeh, Bashar (2011)
  • Pasquale, Liliana; Mazeiar, Salehie; Ali, Raian; Omoronyia, Inah; Nuseibeh, Bashar (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
    Adaptive security aims to protect valuable assets managed by a system, by applying a varying set of security controls. Engineering adaptive security is not an easy task. A set of effective security countermeasures should ...
  • Ali, Raian; Dalpiaz, Fabiano; Giorgini, Paolo; Souza, Victor E (2011)
    Requirements evolution is a main driver for systems evolution. Traditionally, requirements evolution is associated to changes in the users’ needs and environments. In this paper, we explore another cause for requirements ...
  • Salehie, Mazeiar; Pasquale, Liliana; Omoronyia, Inah; Ali, Raian; Nuseibeh, Bashar (2012)
    Security is primarily concerned with protecting assets from harm. Identifying and evaluating assets are therefore key activities in any security engineering process – from modeling threats and attacks, discovering ...
  • Ali, Raian; Solis, Carlos; Omoronyia, Inah; Salehie, Mazeiar; Nuseibeh, Bashar (2012)
    Adaptive systems are characterized by the ability to monitor changes in their volatile world and react to monitored changes when needed. The ultimate goal of adaptation is that users’ requirements are always met correctly ...
  • Ali, Raian; Solis, Carlos; Salehie, Mazeiar; Omoronyia, Inah; Nuseibeh, Bashar; Maalej, Walid (Association for Computing Machinery, 2011)
    Adaptation requires a system to monitor its operational context to ensure that when changes occur, a suitable adaptation action is planned and taken at runtime. The ultimate goal of adaptation is that users get their dynamic ...
  • Ali, Raian; Solis, Carlos; Dalpiaz, Fabiano; Maalej, Walid; Giorgini, Paolo; Nuseibeh, Bashar (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
    Software product lines are an engineering paradigm meant to systematically configure software products of reusable assets so that development effort and time are minimized. Config-uring a high-quality product is a challenging ...

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