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  • Stoermer, Cristoph; O'Brien, Liam; Verhoef, Chris (IEEE Computer Society, 2004)
    Architectural views help to better understand and analyze software from particular stakeholder perspectives. Views are abstractions that are generated in an architecture reconstruction effort with collapsing strategies. ...
  • Bergel, Alexandre; Lewerentz, Claus; O'Brien, Liam (2007)
    Software product lines refer to engineering techniques for creating a portfolio of similar software systems from a shared set of software assets in a controlled way. Managing variability is the key issue of software ...
  • Botterweck, Goetz; O'Brien, Liam; Thiel, Steffen (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007)
    Product Derivation is one of the central activities in Software Product Lines (SPL). One of the main challenges of the process of product derivation is dealing with complexity, which is caused by the large number of ...
  • Agerfalk, Par J.; Fitzgerald, Brian; Lings, Brian; O'Brien, Liam; Thiel, Steffen (2006)
  • O'Brien, Liam; Merson, Paulo; Bass, Len (IEEE Computer Society, 2007)
    The SOA approach is a very popular choice today for the implementation of distributed systems. The use of SOA or more specifically the Web services technology is an important architecture decision. An architect should ...
  • Lewis, Grace; Morris, Edwin; Smith, Dennis; O'Brien, Liam (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    This report describes the Service-Oriented Migration and Reuse Technique (SMART). SMART is a technique that helps organizations analyze legacy systems to determine whether their functionality, or subsets of it, can be ...
  • Thiel, Steffen; O'Brien, Liam; Ali Babar, Muhammad; Botterweck, Goetz (SAE, 2008)
    Product line approaches are well-known in many manufacturing industries, such as consumer electronics, medical systems and automotive [1]. In recent years, approaches with a similar background have rapidly emerged ...
  • O'Brien, Liam; Smith, Dennis; Lewis, Grace (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    There are many good reasons why organizations should perform software architecture reconstructions. However, few organizations are willing to pay for the effort. Software architecture reconstruction must be viewed not as ...

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