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The implementation of an intervention programme to increase students’ interest in science in DEIS schools

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dc.contributor.advisor O'Grady, Audrey Prior, Samantha 2019-02-20T12:36:56Z 2019-02-20T12:36:56Z 2018
dc.description peer-reviewed en_US
dc.description.abstract Despite the apparent prioritisation of the educational needs of young people from low socio economic status (SES) backgrounds, the uptake of Science subjects in DEIS schools remains significantly lower than the national average. Often students from low SES communities are influenced by the ‘norm’, and as a result have little to entice them to pursue what is considered to be a more challenging subject. The purpose of this research study was to increase students from lower SES backgrounds interest in Junior Cycle Science. The research study aimed to identify where students from Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS) schools negative perceptions came from, and as a result, develop and implement an Intervention Programme aimed at overcoming these negative attitudes towards Science and thus increase their interest. The research study took part in three phases and used a mixed methods approach. The first phase was the exploratory phase in which interviews were conducted with Service Science Teachers to determine how they are currently teaching Science in DEIS secondary schools, and potentially what can be done to overcome difficulties encountered. The second phase was the creation of the Intervention Programme. This Intervention Programme was implemented in Phase 3 as part of an Intervention Programme following workshops with the teachers. Questionnaires from Pre-service Science Teachers and Junior Cycle Science students were used to gather data relating to the effectiveness of the Intervention Programme. The results from the interviews conducted with teachers in DEIS schools in the first phase indicated that there was a need for an Intervention Programme as interest in Science had been drastically decreasing. Pre and post questionnaires were analysed after the Intervention Programme was implemented in Phase 3, and indicated that Junior Cycle Science students’ interest in Science had increased significantly. The students indicated that Science related more to their own lives, and the Intervention Programme motivated them to take part more in Science more than they usually do. The Pre-service Science Teachers were also in agreement with the students, and found the Intervention Programme to be an essential part of their teaching. Recommendations from this research study include an Intervention Programme being implemented in DEIS schools to help students overcome their negative perceptions of Science. It also removes any constraints teachers may have for making their lessons more interactive and relatable to students. en_US
dc.language.iso eng en_US
dc.publisher University of Limerick en_US
dc.subject DEIS schools en_US
dc.subject intervention programme en_US
dc.subject schools en_US
dc.subject science en_US
dc.title The implementation of an intervention programme to increase students’ interest in science in DEIS schools en_US
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