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ITERATIONS Issue-07: Recent submissions

  • Ryan, Martin; Vaugh, Trevor (Maynooth University, Department of Design Innovation) (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    Government has awoken to the power of design for business, large, medium and small. The country has made great progress from 1960’s Ireland, when the government last played a significant role in the design sector. ...
  • de Eyto, Adam (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    Neil Cormican is the design team lead for YouTube TV™- A newly launched live TV offering in the US by global giants YouTube™. Cormican shares experiences with his former classmate of his early inclinations to explore design ...
  • Ryan, Martin; Vaugh, Trevor (Maynooth University, Department of Design Innovation) (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    Four Irish Designers are blazing a trail in business with a design approach as their competitive advantage. In this article, Martin Ryan and Trevor Vaugh hear from the co-founders of Izzy Wheels, Turbo-spoke and Connect ...
  • Flood, Nuala (School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast); Cruickshank, Leon (Imagination Lancaster, Lancaster University) (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    This article contains a reflection on the practice of using temporary urban interventions to help facilitate the co-design of public spaces. It presents case studies of two public space improvement projects, both of which ...
  • Keirnan, Alen (RMIT, Future Social Service Institute, Melbourne, Australia); Robbins, Peter; Devitt, Frank; Vaugh, Trevor; Ryan, Martin (Department of Design innovation / Maynooth University); Koffel, Rachael (Swinburne University, Faculty of Health, Arts and Design, Melbourne, Australia) (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    The Government of Ireland has positioned design as integral to the innovation landscape. In particular, it encourages innovations from designers that align with six thematic areas identified in the Innovation 2020 report. ...
  • Robbins, Peter (Maynooth University, Department of Design Innovation) (ITERATIONS, 2018)
    Businesses are increasingly facing complex, even wicked, operating conditions with hypercompetition, digital disruption, faster cycle-times, a shift in power to their consumers and often a race to the bottom in pricing as ...

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