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A coordination network that reversibly switches between two nonporous polymorphs and a high surface area porous phase

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Show simple item record Zhu, Ai-Xin Yang, Qing‐Yuan Kumar, Amrit Crowley, Clare M. Mukherjee, Soumya Chen, Kai-Jie Wang, Shi-Qiang O'Nolan, Daniel Shivanna, Mohana Zaworotko, Michael J. 2018-12-20T09:51:30Z 2018
dc.description peer-reviewed en_US
dc.description.abstract We report a 2-fold interpenetrated primitive cubic (pcu) network X-pcu-5-Zn, [Zn2(DMTDC)2(dpe)] (H2DMTDC = 3,4-dimethylthieno[2,3-b]thiophene-2,5-dicarboxylic acid, dpe = 1,2-di(4-pyridyl)ethylene), that exhibits reversible switching between an as-synthesized “open” phase, X-pcu-5-Zn-α, and two nonporous or “closed” polymorphs, X-pcu-5-Zn-β and X-pcu-5-Zn-γ. There are two unusual features of X-pcu-5-Zn. The first relates to its sorption properties, which reveal that the α form exhibits high CO2 uptake (ca. 255 cm3/g at 195 K) via reversible closed-to-open switching (type F-IV isotherm) of the type desirable for gas and vapor storage; there are only three other reports of porous materials that combine these two features. Second, we could only isolate the β form by activation of the CO2 loaded α form and it persists through multiple CO2 adsorption/desorption cycles. We are unaware of a new polymorph having been isolated in such a manner. That the observed phase changes of X-pcu-5-Zn-α occur in single-crystal-to-single-crystal fashion enabled structural characterization of the three forms; γ is a coordination isomer of α and β, both of which are based upon “paddlewheel” clusters. en_US
dc.language.iso eng en_US
dc.publisher American Chemical Society en_US
dc.relation 13RPB2549 en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Journal of the American Chemical Society;140 (46), pp. 15572-15576
dc.rights © 2018 ACS This document is the Accepted Manuscript version of a Published Work that appeared in final form in Journal Title, copyright © American Chemical Society after peer review and technical editing by the publisher. To access the final edited and published work see en_US
dc.subject non-porous polymorphs en_US
dc.title A coordination network that reversibly switches between two nonporous polymorphs and a high surface area porous phase en_US
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dc.description.version The full text of this article will not be available in ULIR until the embargo expires on the 05/11/2019
dc.identifier.doi 10.1021/jacs.8b08642
dc.contributor.sponsor SFI en_US
dc.contributor.sponsor National Natural Science Foundation of China en_US
dc.contributor.sponsor China Scholarship Council en_US
dc.relation.projectid 13/RP/B2549 en_US
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