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  • Greenwood, Ronni Michelle; Manning, Rachel Marie; O'Shaughnessy, B.R.; Cross, Oisin; Vargas-Moniz, Maria J.; Auquier, Pascal; Santinello, Massimo; Wolf, Judith R.; Bokszczanin, Anna; Bernad, Roberto; Källmén, Håkan; Spinnewijn, Frederik; Ornelas, José; HOME_EU Consortium (JMIR Publications, 2020)
    Background: Homeless services expend considerable resources to provide for service users’ most basic needs, such as food and shelter, but their track record for ending homelessness is disappointing. An alternative model, ...
  • Titlestad, Kim; Snijders, T.A.B.; Durrheim, Kevin; Quayle, Michael; Postmes, Tom (Elsevier, 2019)
    This paper addresses the formation of social norms of cooperation through interaction in repeated Public Goods Games, using novel multilevel techniques. Cooperation has traditionally been understood as the interplay of ...
  • Gaboardi, Marta; Lenzi, Michela; Disperati, Francesca; Santinello, Massimo; Vieno, Alessio; Tinland, Aurelie; Vargas-Moniz, Maria J.; Spinnewijn, Freek; O’Shaughnessy, Branagh R.; Wolf, Judith R.; Bokszczanin, Anna; Bernad, Roberto; Beijer, Ulla; Ornelas, José; Shinn, Marybeth; Consortium Study Group, HOME-EU (MDPI, 2019)
    The implementation and adaptation of the Housing First (HF) model represented profound changes the structure and delivery, goals, and principles of homeless services. These features of homeless services directly influence ...
  • Taylor, Owen; Loubiere, Sandrine; Tinland, Aurelie; Vargas-Moniz, Maria J.; Spinnewijn, Freek; Manning, Rachel Marie; Gaboardi, Marta; Wolf, Judith R.; Bokszczanin, Anna; Bernad, Roberto; Kallmen, Hakan; Toro, Paul; Ornelas, José; Auquier, Pascal; HOME_EU Consortium Study Group (BMJ Publishing Group, 2019)
    Objectives To examine the lifetime, 5-year and past-year prevalence of homelessness among European citizens in eight European nations. Design A nationally representative telephone survey using trained bilingual interviewers ...
  • van de Ven, Pepijn; O'Brien, Hugh; Henriques, Ricardo; Klein, Michel; Msetfi, Rachel M.; Nelson, John; Rocha, Artur; Ruwaard, Jeroen; O'Sullivan, Donal; Riper, Heleen (Elsevier, 2017)
    In this paper we introduce a new Android library, called ULTEMAT, for the delivery of ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) on mobile devices and we present its use in the MoodBuster app developed in the H2020 ...

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