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  • Devine, Kevin M. (University of Limerick, 2020)
    Continuous casting is an industrial process where molten metal is solidified into products, such as bars, billets, blooms and slabs. The occurrence of oscillation marks and air gaps in steel casting are casting phenomena ...
  • Moroney, Kevin M. (Univeristy of Limerick, 2016)
    Industrial and manufacturing processes are an abundant source of rich and complex problems amenable to investigation with mathematical logic and techniques. Once a problem is identi ed and the right questions are ...
  • Gordon, Andrew (University of Limerick, 2013)
    Polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs) are versatile electrochemical devices that convert the chemical energy of a fuel, such as hydrogen, and an oxidant, such as air-derived oxygen, directly into electricity, both cleanly ...
  • Kaar, Simon (University of Limerick, 2020)
    The settling processes observable in a freshly poured pint of stout demonstrates two unusual phenomena. Firstly, the dispersion of bubbles appears to be sinking. Previous work has shown, using computational fluid dynamics ...
  • McInerney, Niall (University of Limerick, 2019)
    In the first part of this thesis, mathematical models describing solvent and drug diffusion in glassy polymers are investigated using both numerical and approximate methods. These models are analysed using formal ...
  • Haynes, Matthew (University of Limerick, 2019)
    This thesis examines the static equilibrium shapes and stability of various capillary surfaces. The equilibrium shapes are accurately approximated using asymptotic series solutions in the micro-gravity limit. The stability ...

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