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  • Guy, Joseph G. M.; Cochard, Charlotte; Aguado-Puente, Pablo; Soergel, Elisabeth; Whatmore, Roger W.; Conroy, Michele A.; Moore, Kalani; Courtney, Eileen; Harvey, Alan; Bangert, Ursel; Kumar, Amit; McQuaid, Raymond G. P.; Gregg, J. Marty (Wiley, 2021)
    During switching, the microstructure of a ferroelectric normally adapts to align internal dipoles with external electric fields. Favorably oriented dipolar regions (domains) grow at the expense of those in unfavorable ...
  • McConville, James P. V.; Lu, Haidong; Wang, Bo; Tan, Yueze; Cochard, Charlotte; Conroy, Michele A.; Moore, Kalani; Harvey, Alan; Bangert, Ursel; Chen, Long-Qing; Gruverman, Alexei; Gregg, J. Marty (Wiley_VCH Verlag, 2020)
    A domain wall-enabled memristor is created, in thin film lithium niobate capacitors, which shows up to twelve orders of magnitude variation in resistance. Such dramatic changes are caused by the injection of strongly ...
  • Moore, Kalani; Conroy, Michele A.; O'Connell, Eoghan N.; Cochard, Charlotte; Mackel, Jennifer; Harvey, Alan; Hooper, Thomas E.; Bell, Andrew J.; Gregg, J. Marty; Bangert, Ursel (Nature, 2020)
    Charged domain walls (DWs) in ferroelectric materials are an area of intense research. Microscale strain has been identified as a method of inducing arrays of twin walls to meet at right angles, forming needlepoint domains ...

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