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  • Ji, Wei; Yuan, Hui; Xue, Bin; Guerin, Sarah; Li, Hui; Zhang, Lei; Liu, Yanqing; Shimon, Linda J.W.; Si, Mingsu; Cao, Yi; Wang, Wei; Thompson, Damien; Cai, Kaiyong; Yang, Rusen; Gazit, Ehud (Wiley, 2022)
    The physical characteristics of supramolecular assemblies composed of small building blocks are dictated by molecular packing patterns in the solid-state. Yet, the structure–property correlation is still not fully understood. ...
  • Basavalingappa, Vasantha; Bera, Santu; Xue, Bin; O'Donnell, Joseph; Guerin, Sarah; Cazade, Pierre-André; Yuan,, Hui; Ul Haq, Ehtsham; Silien, Christophe; Tao, Kai; Shimon, Linda J. W.; Tofail, Syed A.M.; Thompson, Damien; Kolusheva, Sofiya; Yang, Rusen; Cao, Yi; Gazit, Ehud (American Chemical Society, 2020)
    Diphenylalanine (FF) represents the simplest peptide building block that selfassembles into ordered nanostructures with interesting physical properties. Among self-assembled peptide structures, FF nanotubes display notable ...
  • Chen, Yu; Guerin, Sarah; Yuan, Hui; O'Donnell, Joseph; Xue, Bin; Cazade, Pierre-André; Ul Haq, Ehtsham; Shimon, Linda J. W.; Rencus-Lazar, Sigal; Tofail, Syed A.M.; Cao, Yi; Thompson, Damien; Yang, Rusen; Gazit, Ehud (American Chemical Society, 2022)
    The apparent piezoelectricity of biological materials is not yet fully understood at the molecular level. In particular, dynamic noncovalent interactions, such as host−guest binding, are not included in the classical ...
  • Ji, Wei; Xue, Bin; Bera, Santu; Guerin, Sarah; Liu, Yanqing; Yuan, Hui; Li, Qi; Yuan, Chengqian; Shimon, Linda J. W.; Ma, Qing; Kiely, Evan; Tofail, Syed A.M.; Si, Mingsu; Yan, Xuehai; Cao, Yi; Wang, Wei; Yang, Rusen; Thompson, Damien; Li, Junbai; Gazit, Ehud (American Chemical Society, 2020)
    Molecular stacking modes, generally classified as H-, J-, and X-aggregation, play a key role in determining the optoelectronic properties of organic crystals. However, the control of stacking transformation of a specific ...

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