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  • Cassidy, Ailbhe (University of Limerick, 2019)
    We live in a world surrounded by networks. They are ubiquitous. Be it social media networks linking us to our friends, transportation networks interconnecting locations around the globe, or the metabolic network breaking ...
  • Faqeeh, Ali; Osat, Saeed; Radicchi, Filippo (American Physical Society, 2018)
    We show that the community structure of a network can be used as a coarse version of its embedding in a hidden space with hyperbolic geometry. The finding emerges from a systematic analysis of several real-world and ...
  • Faqeeh, Ali; Melnik, Sergey; Colomer-deSimón, Pol; Gleeson, James P. (American Physical Society, 2016)
    It is commonly assumed in percolation theories that at most one percolating cluster can exist in a network. We show that several coexisting percolating clusters (CPCs) can emerge in networks due to limited mixing, i.e., a ...
  • Faqeeh, Ali; Osat, Saeed; Radicchi, Filippo; Gleeson, James P. (2019)
    Experimental and computational studies provide compelling evidence that neuronal systems are characterized by power-law distributions of neuronal avalanche sizes. This fact is interpreted as an indication that these systems ...
  • Erkol, Şirag; Faqeeh, Ali; Radicchi, Filippo (IOP Publishing, 2018)
    We consider the problem of identifying the most influential nodes for a spreading process on a network when prior knowledge about structure and dynamics of the system is incomplete or erroneous. Specifically, we perform a ...
  • Faqeeh, Ali (University of Limerick, 2016)
    Many of the systems we observe in nature, in societies, or in infrastructures are in the form of a network of interacting units. This underlying network structure shapes the behavior of such systems and is an indispensable ...

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