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  • Asllani, Malbor; da Cunha, Bruno Requião; Estrada, Ernesto; Gleeson, James P. (IOP Publishing, 2020)
    Networks are universally considered as complex structures of interactions of large multi-component systems. To determine the role that each node has inside a complex network, several centrality measures have been developed. ...
  • O'Brien, Joseph D.; Oliveira, Kleber A.; Gleeson, James P.; Asllani, Malbor (American Physical Society, 2021)
    A large number of complex systems, naturally emerging in various domains, are well described by directed networks, resulting in numerous interesting features that are absent from their undirected counterparts. Among these ...
  • Nicoletti, Sara; Fanelli, Duccio; Zagli, Niccolò; Asllani, Malbor; Battistelli, Giorgio; Carletti, Timoteo; Chisci, Luigi; Innocenti, Giacomo; Livi, Roberto (AIP Publishing, 2019)
    A stochastic reaction-diffusion model is studied on a networked support. In each patch of the network, two species are assumed to interact following a non-normal reaction scheme. When the interaction unit is replicated ...
  • Muolo, Riccardo; Carletti, Timoteo; Gleeson, James P.; Asllani, Malbor (MDPI, 2021)
    Synchronization is an important behavior that characterizes many natural and human made systems that are composed by several interacting units. It can be found in a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from neuroscience ...

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