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  • Devine, M.; Vynnycky, Michael; Mitchell, Sarah L.; O'Brien, Stephen B.G. (Institute of Mathematics and its Applications: Oxford University Press, 2021)
    A recent asymptotics-based thermomechanical model is adapted and applied to the mould region in the continuous casting of round steel billets, with a view to describing the complex interplay between airgap formation, mould ...
  • Kiely, Annemarie; Ferland, Guylaine; Ouliass, Bouchra; O'Toole, Paul W.; Purtill, Helen; O'Connor, Eibhlís M. (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2018)
    Studies have shown associations between reduced vitamin K status and poor cognitive function. However, despite this apparent link, direct studies measuring cognitive function, vitamin K status and inflammation are lacking. ...
  • Robinson, Marguerite; Fowler, Andrew C.; Alexander, A.J.; O'Brien, Stephen B.G. (American Institute of Physics, 2008)
    We describe a simple model of a bubbly two-phase flow which is able to explain why waves propagate downward when a pint of Guinness is poured, and also how the waves are generated. Our theory involves a physically based ...
  • Baxter, Gareth J.; Dorogovtsev, Sergey N.; Mendes, José F.F.; Cellai, Davide (Americann Physical Society, 2014)
    Bootstrap percolation is a simple but nontrivial model. It has applications in many areas of science and has been explored on random networks for several decades. In single-layer (simplex) networks, it has been recently ...
  • Peng, Defen; Burke, Kevin; MacKenzie, Gilbert (IWSM, 2018)
    The Weibull multi-parameter regression (MPR) model with frailty is developed for interval censored survival data. The basic MPR model which is wholly parametric with non-proportional hazards was developed by Burke ...
  • Clifford, Amanda M.; Ryan, Jean; Walsh, Cathal Dominic; McCurtin, Arlene (BioMed Central, 2017)
    Background: Patient decision aids (DAs) are support tools designed to provide patients with relevant information to help them make informed decisions about their healthcare.  While DAs can be effective in improving ...

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