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  • Wasserberg, Dorothee; Cabanas-Danés, Jordi; Prangsma, Jord; O'Mahony, Shane; Cazade, Pierre-André; Tromp, Eldrich; Blum, Christian; Thompson, Damien; Huskens, Jurriaan; Subramaniam, Vinod; Jonkheijm, Pascal (American Chemical Society, 2017)
    We report oriented immobilization of proteins using the standard hexahistidine (His6)-Ni2+:NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid) methodology, which we systematically tuned to give control of surface coverage. Fluorescence microscopy ...
  • Gunnoo, Melissabye; Cazade, Pierre-André; Bayer, Edward A.; Thompson, Damien (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018)
    The cellulosome provides a fully worked out example of evolved radical nanotechnology. Improved understanding, and first steps toward re-engineering this biological nanomachine, is providing design rules for the formulation ...
  • Singh, Raghvendra Pratap; Hidalgo, Tania; Cazade, Pierre-André; Darcy, Raphael; Cronin, Michael; Dorin, Irina; O'Driscoll, Caitrionia M.; Thompson, Damien (American Chemical Society, 2019)
    Functionalized cyclodextrin molecules assemble into a wide variety of superstructures in solution, which are of interest for drug delivery and other nanomaterial and biomaterial applications. Here we use a combined simulation ...

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