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  • McCann, Angela; Jeffery, Ian B.; Ouliass, Bouchra; Ferland, Guylaine; Fu, Xueyen; Booth, Sarah L; Tran, Tam T.T.; O’Toole, Paul W; O'Connor, Eibhlís M. (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    ackground: Vitamin K has multiple important physiological roles, including blood coagulation and beneficial effects on myelin integrity in the brain. Some intestinal microbes possess the genes to produce vitamin K in the ...
  • Tran, Tam T.T.; Cousin, Fabien J.; Lynch, Denise B.; Menon, Ravi; Brulc, Jennifer; Brown, Jillian R.M.; O'Herlihy, Eileen A.; Butto, Ludovica F.; Power, Katie; Jeffery, Ian B.; O'Connor, Eibhlís M.; O'Toole, Paul W. (BMC, 2019)
    Background: There are complex interactions between aging, frailty, diet, and the gut microbiota; modulation of the gut microbiota by diet could lead to healthier aging. The purpose of this study was to test the effect of ...
  • Wolter, Maike; Volkert, Dorothee; Streicher, Melanie; Kiesswetter, Eva; Torbahn, Gabriel; O'Connor, Eibhlís M.; O'Keeffe, Mary; Kelly, Mary; O'Herlihy, Eileen A.; O'Toole, Paul W.; Timmons, Suzanne; O'Shea, Emma; Kearney, Patricia M.; van Zwienen-Pot, Judith; Visser, Marjolein; Maitre, Isabelle; Van Wymelbeke, Virginie; Sulmont-Rossé, Claire; Nagel, Gabriele; Flechtner-Mors, Marion; Goisser, Sabine; Teh, Ruth; Hebestreit, Antje (Elsevier, 2018)
    Background & aims: Malnutrition is widespread among older people and related to poor outcome. Reported prevalences vary widely, also because of different diagnostic criteria used. This study aimed to describe prevalences ...
  • Visser, Marjolein; Volkert, Dorothee; Corish, C.; Geisler, C.; de Groot, L.C.; Cruz-Jentoft, A.J.; Lohrmann, C.; O'Connor, Eibhlís M.; Schindler, K.; de van der Schueren, M.A. (John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of British Nutrition Foundation, 2017)
    In order to tackle the increasing problem of malnutrition (i.e. protein-energy malnutrition) in the older population, the Joint Action Malnutrition in the Elderly (MaNuEL) Knowledge Hub has been recently launched as part ...
  • Kiely, Annemarie; Ferland, Guylaine; Ouliass, Bouchra; O'Toole, Paul W.; Purtill, Helen; O'Connor, Eibhlís M. (Taylor and Francis Ltd, 2018)
    Studies have shown associations between reduced vitamin K status and poor cognitive function. However, despite this apparent link, direct studies measuring cognitive function, vitamin K status and inflammation are lacking. ...

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