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dc.description.abstract The University of Limerick Oral History Project (ULOHP) aims to create and archive an oral history of the University of Limerick (UL). From its foundation in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education (NIHE) with an initial cohort of 114 students at Plassey House, the University has led the way in pioneering and innovative third-level educational development. It has combined exemplary teaching and research programmes with a tradition of dedication to the wider economic and social needs of both Limerick and the national community. The purpose of the ULOHP is to create a digital archive recording the personal contribution and memories of those who were part of the foundation and development of the NIHE and, from 1989, the University of Limerick. These personal narratives in audio and written format, present a rich portrait of the place and people that make up the University of Limerick. Founding academics and administrative staff, together with local and national public figures, revisit in their own words, memories of their contribution and personal milestones in the history of UL. Their narratives are of necessity subjective accounts. Oral histories help us to understand ’not just what people did but what they wanted to do, what they believed they were doing, and what they now think they did.’1 They record a personal interpretation of events and while factual inconsistencies may occur they provide a valuable contribution to the creation of the historical record. These important oral histories will be available for consultation to present and future students of the University as well as the wider community. en_US
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dc.title University of Limerick Oral History Project (ULOHP) introduction en_US
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