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  • Liu, Pia; Singh, Shalini; Guo, Yina; Wang, Jian-Jun; Xu, Hongxing; Silien, Christophe; Liu, Ning; Ryan, Kevin M. (2017)
    Herein we report the formation of multi-layered arrays of vertically aligned and close packed semiconductor nanorods in perfect registry at a substrate using electric field assisted assembly. The collective properties of ...
  • Nakahara, Shohei; Tanner, David A.; Hudson, D.A; Magner, S; Redington, E; Hodnett, Benjamin K. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011)
    A transmission electron microscope was used to characterize a powder form of hexagonally-ordered mesoporous silica material. The structural symmetry built into this amorphous material allowed one to obtain three characteristic ...
  • Guo, Kai; Hu, Yuanyuan; Zhang, Yahong; Liu, Baohong; Magner, Edmond (American Chemical Society, 2010)
    The electrochemical properties of cytochrome c (cyt c) immobilized on multilayer nanozeolite-modified electrodes have been examined in aqueous and nonaqueous solutions. Layers of Linde type-L zeolites were assembled on ...
  • Stapleton, Aimee; Noor, Mohamed R.; Haq, Ehtsham U.; Silien, Christophe; Soulimane, Tewfik; Tofail, Syed A.M. (AIP Publishing, 2018)
    Pyroelectricity is the ability of certain non-centrosymmetric materials to generate an electric chargein response to a change in temperature and finds use in a range of applications from burglar alarms to thermal imaging. ...

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