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Application of TiO2-based photocatalysts to antibiotics degradation: cases of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin

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Show simple item record Kutuzova, Anastasiya Dontsova, Tetiana Kwapinski, Witold 2021-06-28T09:44:45Z 2021-06-28T09:44:45Z 2021
dc.description peer-reviewed en_US
dc.description.abstract The extensive application of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine has led to their widespread occurrence in a natural aquatic environment. Global health crisis is associated with the fast development of antimicrobial resistance, as more and more infectious diseases cannot be treated more than once. Sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin are the most commonly detected antibiotics in water systems worldwide. The persistent and toxic nature of these antibiotics makes their elimination by conventional treatment methods at wastewater treatment plants almost impossible. The application of advanced oxidation processes and heterogeneous photocatalysis over TiO2 -based materials is a promising solution. This highly efficient technology has the potential to be sustainable, cost-efficient and energy-efficient. A comprehensive review on the application of various TiO2 -based photocatalysts for the degradation of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin is focused on highlighting their photocatalytic performance under various reaction conditions (different amounts of pollutant and photocatalyst, pH, light source, reaction media, presence of inorganic ions, natural organic matter, oxidants). Mineralization efficiency and ecotoxicity of final products have been also considered. Further research needs have been presented based on the literature findings. Among them, design and development of highly efficient under sunlight, stable, recyclable and cost-effective TiO2 -based materials; usage of real wastewaters for photocatalytic tests; and compulsory assessment of products ecotoxicity are the most important research tasks in order to meet requirements for industrial application. en_US
dc.language.iso eng en_US
dc.publisher MDPI en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseries Catalysts;11, 728
dc.subject TiO2 photocatalysis en_US
dc.subject sulfamethoxazole en_US
dc.title Application of TiO2-based photocatalysts to antibiotics degradation: cases of sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and ciprofloxacin en_US
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article en_US
dc.type.supercollection all_ul_research en_US
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dc.identifier.doi 10.3390/catal1106072
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