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  • Zan, Recep; Ramasse, Quentin M.; Jalil, R.; Tu, J-S.; Bangert, Ursel; Novoselov, K S. (IOP Publishing, 2017)
    Stacking different two-dimensional (2D) atomic layers is a feasible approach to create unique multilayered van der Waals heterostructures with desired properties. 2D materials, graphene, hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), ...
  • Hardcastle, Trevor P.; Hage, Fredrik S.; Gjerding, Morten N.; Kepaptsoglou, Demie M.; Seabourne, Che R.; Winther, Kirsten T.; Zan, Recep; Amani, Julian Alexander; Hofsaess, Hans C.; Bangert, Ursel; Thygesen, Kristian S.; Ramasse, Quentin M. (ACS Publications, 2018)
    Single atom B or N substitutional doping in single-layer suspended graphene, realised by low energy ion implantation, is shown to induce a dampening or enhancement of the characteristic interband π plasmon of graphene ...
  • Bulushev, Dmitri A.; Zacharska, Monika; Lisitsyn, Alexander S.; Podyacheva, Olga Yu; Hage, Fredrik S.; Ramasse, Quentin M.; Bangert, Ursel; Bulusheva, Lyubov G. (American Chemical Society, 2016)
    Formic acid is a valuable chemical derived from biomass, as it has a high hydrogen-storage capacity and appears to be an attractive source of hydrogen for various applications. Hydrogen production via formic acid decomposition ...
  • Flynn, Grace; Ramasse, Quentin M.; Ryan, Kevin M. (American Chemical Society, 2016)
    Herein, we report the formation of multisegment Si-Ge axial heterostructure nanowires in a wet chemical synthetic approach. These nanowires are grown by the liquid injection of the respective silicon and germanium precursors ...

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