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  • Butryn, Agata; Simon, Philipp S.; Aller, Pierre; Hinchliffe, Philip; Massad, Ramzi N.; Leen, Gabriel; Tooke, Catherine L.; Bogacz, Isabel; Kim, In-Sik; Bhowmick, Asmit; Brewster, Aaron S.; Devenish, Nicholas E.; Brem, Jürgen; Kamps, Jos J. A. G.; Lang, Pauline A.; Rabe, Patrick; Axford, Danny; Beale, John H.; Davy, Bradley; Ebrahim, Ali; Orlans, Julien; Storm, Selina L.S.; Zhou, Tiankun; Owada, Shigeki; Tanaka, Rie; Tono, Kensuke; Evans, Gwyndaf; Owen, Robin L.; Houle, Frances A.; Sauter, Nicholas K.; Schofield, Christopher J.; Spencer, James; Yachandra, Vittal K.; Yano, Junko; Kern, Jan F.; Orville, Allen M. (Nature Research, 2021)
    Serial femtosecond crystallography has opened up many new opportunities in structural biology. In recent years, several approaches employing light-inducible systems have emerged to enable time-resolved experiments that ...
  • Davy, Bradley; Axford, Danny; Beale, John H.; Butryn, Agata; Docker, Peter; Ebrahim, Ali; Leen, Gabriel; Orville, Allen M.; Owen, Robin L.; Aller, Pierre (International Union of Crystallography, 2019)
    Efficient sample delivery is an essential aspect of serial crystallography at both synchrotrons and X-ray free-electron lasers. Rastering fixed target chips through the X-ray beam is an efficient method for serial delivery ...

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