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  • Vassev, Emil; Hinchey, Mike (Springer, 2012)
    Modern reasoning is based on inference techniques such as induction, deduction, abduction, subsumption, classification and recognition. These inference techniques are very inefficient when applied to large amounts of ...
  • Vassev, Emil; Hinchey, Mike (IEEE Computer Society, 2013)
    To become interaction-aware, an autonomic cyber-physical system needs to be aware of its physical environment and whereabouts and its current internal status. This ability is defined as artificial awareness and it helps ...
  • Vassev, Emil; Hinchey, Mike (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
    Cognitive robotics are autonomous systems capable of artificial reasoning. Such systems can be achieved with a logical approach, but still AI struggles to connect the abstract logic with real-world meanings. Knowledge ...
  • Vassev, Emil; Hinchey, Mike; Gaudin, Benoit (Association for Computing Machinery, 2012)
    An autonomic system is considered to be a self-adaptive system that changes its behavior in response to stimuli from its execution and operational environment. Such behavior is considered autonomic and self-adaptive and ...

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