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  • Bairéad, Séamus Mandela (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2014)
    In Bengal, medieval communities have been plunged headlong into the industrial era and exposed to the vagaries of the world market. From the start to the finish they are victims of alienation. The raw material is foreign ...
  • Fenton, Shane (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2013)
    The aim of my thesis was to examine the form of the city, with particular focus on the economic and social causes that have influenced the suburbanization of many of our cities. Living in Limerick for the past number of ...
  • Dawson, Philip (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2012)
    The aim of this thesis was to explore how one can create a more em-bodied experience of a landscape. This subject is explored in an essay and architectural project. The essay examines how to create an em-bodied experience. ...
  • Long, Sinéad (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2014)
    Landscape can be perceived as ‘the soul’ of a country. It is a lyrical composition of many elements, inclusive of both man and nature. It is the ultimate capsule of time, memory and culture. One of our deepest needs is for ...
  • Ryan, Anna (UNISCAPE and Pontedera: Bandecchi & Vivaldi, Florence, 2013)
    This paper explores modes of writing landscape in contemporary Ireland. A consideration of the fictional oeuvre of the eminient Irish writer Colm Tóibín is presented as offering the opportunity to encourage a reconsideration ...
  • Ryan, Anna (Architectural Association of Ireland, 2005)
    no abstract available
  • Barry, Stephen (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2012)
    This text will look closely at the landscape, to understand the topography, ecology, climate and composition, exploring the relationship between land and water, mudfl ats, islands and the coastal boundary. It is my goal ...
  • Doheny, Gavin (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2012)
    Manufacturing productive land is the basis for this thesis document. The document is split into five related sections each displaying an emphasis on manipulation of ground in a productive manner over time. O rganising ...
  • Benson, Luke Gerard (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2015)
    Days go by and everything changes. The weather controls our emotions, and our emotions control us. We control everything else. This is a natural occurrence, like the tide changing the water levels. By ‘everything’ I mean ...
  • Ryan, Anna (University College Cork, Department of Geography, 2005)

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