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Lero is the Irish software engineering research centre.

It brings together leading software engineering (SE) teams from Universities and Institutes of Technology in a coordinated centre of research excellence with a strong industry focus. Lero has raised the level and profile of Irish software engineering research with such effect that it is now one of the best known and highly regarded SE research centres in the world.

The centre has the proven capacity to attract and retain global research leaders and to make a substantial contribution both to software engineering research and to the Irish economy. Lero is now ready to take on key challenges of Evolving Critical Systems.

The Lero Centre is supported by a CSET grant from SFI, by other state grants, by industry contributions and by external funding (particularly the EU’s research programmes). Non-SFI funding for the Centre is currently 47% of the total and our sustainability plan places particular emphasis on industry support and EU funding in the years ahead.

Lero interfaces with a wide range of industry, state agencies, educational bodies and international collaborators to deliver on its twin goals of research excellence and social and economic relevance.

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Recent Submissions

  • Carroll, Noel; Richardson, Ita; Whelan, Eoin (2011)
    Although services are delivered across dispersed complex service eco-systems, monitoring performance becomes a difficult task. This paper explores a number of areas to support the development of service performance analytics ...
  • Carroll, Noel; Haque, Rafiqul; Richardson, Ita; Whelan, Eoin (Springer, 2011)
    This paper is concerned with understanding the complex nature of service network environments with particular attention on exploring business transactions across supply chains. Although business transactions have been ...
  • Wang, Xiaofeng; Lane, Michael; Conboy, Kieran; Pikkarainen, Minna (Association for Computing Machinery, 2009)
    This report summarizes the key findings from a workshop at the 10th International Conference on Agile Processes and eXtreme Programming in Software Engineering (XP2009) called “Agile Research – A 7-Year Retrospective”, ...
  • Coyle, Lorcan; Neely, Steve; Rey, Gaetan; Stevenson, Graeme; Sullivan, Mark; Dobson, Simon; Nixon, Paddy (Kaist Press, 2007)
    Systems for home automation can make a vital contribution to the wellbeing of individuals requiring moderate amounts of support for day-to-day living. Existing systems suffer both from competing and often closed standards ...
  • Wang, Xiaofeng; Vidgen, Richard (Palgrave McMillan, 2006)
    New technologies, notably service oriented architectures and web services, are enabling a third wave of business process management (BPM). Supporters claim that BPM is informed by complexity theory and that business ...