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  • Marnane, Aoife (University of Limerick, 2014)
    Greek philosopher Aristotle deduced in his major treatise De Anima that without the sense of touch there could be no other senses “The first sense, the root and ground as it were of the other senses... the one which ...
  • Egan, Eimear (University of Limerick, 2014)
    My Thesis investigation involves developing a process by which one could derive meaning in the threshold space of an edge condition to which the border is not explicit. In investigating the social and ideological aspects ...
  • Mooney, Patrick (University of Limerick, 2014)
    Through my engagement in the imaginary reconstitution of society. I have gained knowledge on our current societal establishment. Within that study I have begun to make tentative steps towards a suggestion for a possible ...
  • Treescape 
    McLaughlin, Michael (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2012)
    By the beginning of the twentieth century, 1% of forested landscape was left in Ireland. It consisted of ‘native’ and ‘naturalised’ species. Since then there has been an effort to bring forest cover back. (currently at ...
  • Allen, John (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2012)
    Societies in Ireland are at a turning point. The fast and furious economically driven building trade of the past 20 odd years has eventually calmed down. Now we (by ‘we’ I mean people, not just architects) can now move ...
  • Novickaja, Kristina (University of Limerick, 2014)
    no abstract available
  • Healy, Anna (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2011)
    I’ve been exploring the movement between and through built forms that can free them from being a spatial limit and instead allow them to become a temporal and spatial experience. This experience includes an awareness of ...

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