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  • Leahy, Martin J.; O'Doherty, Jim; Nilsson, Gert E.; Henricson, Joakim; Anderson, Chris; Sjoberg, Folke (SPIE—The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2007)
    A low-cost, noninvasive means of imaging red blood cells shows promise in applications aimed at assessing tissue viability.
  • Nakahara, S; Tanner, D.A; Khan, A.K; Robinson, J.S (Maney Publishing, 2011)
    A TEM study has revealed, for the first time, the presence of small (similar to 3 nm in diameter) voids attached to T(1) (Al(2)CuLi) precipitates present in an artificially aged Al-Cu-Li alloy (Al-2.90Cu-1.63Li-0.29Mg-0. ...
  • Hudson, Sarah; Tanner, D.A; Redington, W; Magner, Edmond; Hodnett, Benjamin K; Nakahara, S (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2006)
    TEM analysis of mesoporous materials is generally undertaken to give qualitative results. Accurate quantitative analysis is demonstrated in this study. A systematic image analysis of a powder form of a hexagonal mesoporous ...
  • Arshak, Khalil; Korostynska, Olga; Arshak, Arousian; Morris, Deirdre (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    The electrical properties of screen-printed TiO2 based thick films were explored in terms of gamma radiation influence. Screen-printed pn-heterojunctions and resistors were exposed to γ- radiation from a 137Cs source ...
  • O'Doherty, Jim; Henricson, Joakim; Nilsson, Gert E.; Anderson, Chris; Leahy, Martin J. (Society of Photo‑Optical Instrumentation Engineers, 2007)
    This article describes the theoretical development and design of a real-time microcirculation imaging system, an extension from a previously technology developed by our group. The technology utilises polarisation spectroscopy, ...
  • Enfield, Joey; O'Doherty, Jim; Leahy, Martin J. (SPIE - Society of Photo‑Optical Instrumentation Engineers, 2007)
    Biomedical optics and photomedicine applications are challenged by the turbid nature of most biological tissue systems. This nature limits the penetration depth of light into the tissue. Optical clearing improves the ...
  • Rhen, Fernando M.F.; Backen, E.; Coey, John Michael David (American Institute of Physics, 2005)
    Thick films of nearly equiatomic Co–Pt produced by electrodeposition into nanoporous membranes exhibit an isotropic magnetic phase with square hysteresis loops (Mr/Ms=0.95) and coercivity of up to 1.3 T. The initial ...
  • Arshak, Khalil; Arshak, Arousian; Mihov, Miroslav; McDonagh, Declan (IEEE Computer Society, 2002)
    In this paper, liquid-phase silylation process for Top Surface Imaging Lithography systems incorporated e-beam exposure has been experimentally investigated using FT-IR spectroscopy, UV spectroscopy, SIM spectrometry ...
  • Arshak, Khalil; Arshak, Arousian; Morris, Deirdre; Korostynska, Olga; Jafer, Essa (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    The ability to monitor pressure remotely is of particular importance in medical and environmental applications as it is less labour intensive, safer and offers peace of mind to the general public. To meet this demand, a ...

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