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  • Joorabchi, Arash; English, Michael; Mahdi, Abdulhussain E (SAGE Publications, 2015)
    The uncontrolled nature of user-assigned tags makes them prone to various inconsistencies caused by spelling variations, synonyms, acronyms, and hyponyms. These inconsistencies in turn lead to some of the common problems ...
  • English, Michael; Buckley, Jim; Cahill, Tony (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    A commonly held belief is that the friend construct in C++ is a violation of encapsulation. However, little empirical analysis of its use has taken place to provide evidence to support this claim. This paper presents a ...
  • English, Michael; Mc Creanor, Patrick (2009)
    The Object-Oriented (OO) programming paradigm has claimed numerous advantages, including enhanced understandability, maintainability and reusability of OO software. However, these advantages do not automatically apply ...
  • English, Michael; Exton, Chris; Cleary, Brendan; Rigon, Irene (Association for Computing Machinery, 2009)
    Software maintenance continues to be a time and resource intensive activity. Any efforts that help to address the maintenance bottleneck within the software lifecycle are welcome. One area where such e orts are useful is ...
  • English, Michael; Buckley, Jim; Cahill, Tony (IEEE Computer Society, 2007)
    Modularity is one of the key features of the Object-Oriented (OO) paradigm. Low coupling and high cohesion help to achieve good modularity. Inheritance is one of the core concepts of the OO paradigm which facilitates ...
  • English, Michael; Buckley, Jim; Cahill, Tony (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    Previous research has highlighted the extensive use of the C++ friend construct in both library-based and application-based systems. However, existing software metrics do not concentrate on measuring friendship accurately, ...

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