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  • Bannon, Liam (Economic and Social Research Institute, 1997)
    The concept of "the information society" as an important new phenomenon has recently received much attention at a European and national level. Exhortations on the need for advance preparation for this society by all the ...
  • Bannon, Liam; Avram, Gabriela (2006)
    This paper examines some of the issues involved in the coordination of geographically distributed software development teams. In recent years, the phenomenon of global software development (GSD) has become widespread, for ...
  • Gallagher, Paul (University of Limerick, 2012)
    This thesis explores the implications of embedding sensing technologies in artefacts in public spaces, and examines how people come to understand and interact with them. Sensing and display technologies will increasingly ...
  • Fernstrom, Mikael (University of Limerick, 2012)
    This thesis examines interactive sonification, in particular the design, implementation and evaluation of user interface components using sound. It consists of a series of design interventions and explorations, including ...
  • Fernstrom, Mikael; Brazil, Eoin; Bannon, Liam (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    We examine the use of auditory display for ubiquitous computing to extend the boundaries of human-computer interaction (HCI). Our design process is based on listening tests, gathering free-text identification responses ...
  • Bannon, Liam (Elsevier, 2004)
    Prologue I first met Niels Bjørn-Andersen when we were both on the International Programme Committee for an EU Conference on the Information Society chaired by Enid Mumford (Bjørn-Andersen et al., 1982). In 1985, I met ...
  • Bannon, Liam; Ciolfi, Luigina (2005)
  • Fernstrom, Mikael; Bannon, Liam; Brazil, Eoin (2004)
    We outline a novel approach to human-computer interaction, with soft-buttons using a non-structured touch surface and auditory display.
  • Sullivan, Daniel K. (University of Limerick, 2010)
    This thesis examines how software professionals, working on a real software product, are aided by their work practices, on a daily basis, in dealing with the practical and local consequences of global distribution. We ...
  • Sigfridsson, Anders (University of Limerick, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, 2010)
    This thesis addresses the research question: how do software developers in distributed projects continually develop their practical knowledge through dealing with changing circumstances in daily work practice? The purpose ...
  • Ciolfi, Luigina; Deshpande, Parag; Bannon, Liam (2005)
    In this paper we will outline our approach to studying and understanding place as a notion to guide the design of novel interactive installations in public spaces, in order to augment and enhance, as well as support, ...

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