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  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_2
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_3
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_4
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_5
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_6
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_7
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_8
  • Unknown author (2011-11-10)
    Dublin Diocesan Archives: Hamilton Papers_9
  • Kroll, Josiane; Richardson, Ita; Audy, Jorge L.N.; Fernandez, Jude (IEEE Computer Society, 2014)
    In Follow-the-sun (FTS) software projects, handoffs are performed at the beginning and the end of each working day shift. Handoff efficiency is determined by the quality of knowledge transfer and the length of time ...
  • Cooker, Mark; Cribbin, Laura B; Dellar, Paul; Fitt, Alistair; Gaburro, Romina; Gibb, Tony; Kennedy, James; King, John; Kubat, Irnis; Lapin, Vladimir Nikolaevich; Lee, William T.; Murphy, Ellen; Nolan, Clifford J.; Parker, Joseph; Power, Oliver; Timoney, Catherine (2011)
    Background. The development of haptic touchscreens, that is touchscreens with the ability to mimic the feel of a real keyboard, would be a significant advance in the mobile phone and tablet market. This report investigates one ...
  • Jeners, Simona; Clarke, Paul; O'Connor, Rory V.; Buglione, Luigi; Lepmets, Marion (Springer-Verlag, 2013)
    The software process landscape is rich in complexity and many alternative software development approaches have emerged over the past 40 years. However, no single software development approach is universally implemented ...
  • Clarke, Paul; O'Connor, Rory V. (2010)
    The quality of the software development process directly affects the quality of the software product. To be successful, software development organisations must respond to changes in technology and business circumstances, ...
  • Jeners, Simona; O'Connor, Rory V.; Clake, Paul; Lichter, Horst; Lepmets, Marion; Buglione, Luigi (American Society of Quality, 2013)
    Software development is a complex process for which numerous approaches have been suggested. However, no single approach to software development has been met with universal acceptance, which is not surprising, as there ...
  • Richardson, Ita; Avram, Gabriela; Deshpande, Sadhana; Casey, Valentine (IEEE Computer Society, 2008)
    In a globalised world economy, small and mediumsized companies (SMEs) are now entering the global software engineering (GSE) arena, but their involvement is more often opportunistic than carefully planned. Considered until ...
  • McInerney, Clare (Springer-Verlag, 2010)
    There has been a decline in the number of students studying mathematics, science and computing at third-level in Ireland. This may be because Ireland does not have a computing curriculum. However, in the UK higher education ...
  • Fernstrom, Mikael; Brazil, Eoin; Bannon, Liam (IEEE Computer Society, 2005)
    We examine the use of auditory display for ubiquitous computing to extend the boundaries of human-computer interaction (HCI). Our design process is based on listening tests, gathering free-text identification responses ...
  • Pettigrew, Judith; Tamu, Yarjung (Oxbow Books, 2002)
    no abstract
  • McKenna, Sean (School of Architecture, University of Limerick, 2011)
  • Doody, Catriona M.; Markey, Kathleen; Doody, Owen (Sage Publications Ltd.,, 2012)
    The number of people with intellectual disability living into old age continues to increase. As one ages, generally, functional ability decreases and health issues increase, with recognising and responding to the health ...
  • Doody, Catriona M.; Doody, Owen (Mark Allen Healthcare, 2012)
    Obesity is a significant health problem for people with intellectual disability, as they report a 59% higher rate of obesity as compared with those in the general population (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, ...

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